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Monday, January 25, 2016

Alamo Springs Cafe - January 23, 2016

Last Saturday was a beautiful winter day so I decided to take a road trip to eat some barbeque and try the #3 burger on the Texas Monthly Top 50 Burger list - Alamo Springs Café outside Fredericksburg Texas. The café is about 11 miles from Downtown Fredericksburg off Old San Antonio Road near Old Tunnel State Park. The restaurant is fairly small with both indoor and outdoor seating. Upon entering I was immediately met with the wonderful smell of meat cooking on the flattop, fries and onion fries cooking in hot oil and the sounds of a guy on a guitar singing Pancho and Lefty. I was pointed to a table by a server who told me that my server would be by the table momentarily and that I should help myself to the honor system drink station which consisted of a selection of sodas, iced tea beer and wine. The menu was placed in a container of salt, pepper, Sriracha and ketchup. While I was there for the burger, I would love to return and try some of the other offerings including chicken fried steak, po-boy sandwiches, pork tenderloin sandwich and milkshakes. After getting a glass of water, I ordered a fried avocado and a bacon cheddar burger on a jalapeno cheese bun. I thought about ordering the green chile burger but I needed to stick with the same order I have done at previous burger places. Total price for the burger, fried avocado and water was $21.30. After enjoying most of the fried avocado, the following burger arrived approximately twenty minutes after ordering it:

The smell of the griddled meat and black pepper was intoxicating and the toppings were fresh. I was a little disappointed to see shredded cheese but it melted very quickly on the half-pound patty. I took off the lettuce and tomato and took my first bite of the burger. The slighty sweet slightly spicy soft bun contrasted well with the smoky crisp bacon, the peppery patty, the tang of the mayonnaise and the sharp cheddar cheese. The hand-formed patty was not too densely packed and each bite was full of juice and flavor. The bottom bun soaked up the juices from the patty and it stayed together throughout eating the whole burger. I really enjoyed this burger from start to finish - each bite let the ingredients shine but they all came together to form a wonderful burger experience.

Overall, I had a wonderful of eating bbq and burgers on a beautiful drive from Dallas to Fredericksburg. I really enjoyed the food at Alamo Springs Café and look forward to returning to the area in the near future especially when the weather is a little warmer and I can sit on the patio.

Ratings (1-25:)

Bun - 21, soft, flavorful bun, not overwhelming amount of heat form the jalapeno, held up very well

Meat - 21, perfectly cooked patty, good amount of black pepper, bacon complemented the bun and meat

Appearance - 21, great char on the patty and toast on the bun, ingredients were fresh, slight amount of juice on the plate from the patty

Taste - 21, really enjoyed each bite of the burger, the beef and bacon flavored and the bun complimented the burger perfectly

Overall - 84

Bonus Pics of the Fried Avocado: