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Monday, February 1, 2010

Club Schmitz - February 1, 2010

Due to business conflicts the rest of the week, we decided to head to Northwest Dallas to the corner of Harry Hines and Webb Chapel to try out the burger offering at Club Schmitz. Club Schmitz is a dark bar with wood paneled walls, cold beer and a menu featuring hamburgers, appetizers and fried shrimp and chicken baskets. When we entered we were told to pick a table and a waitress would be by to take our order. About 75% of the tables were full and several people were sitting at the bar sipping on draft beer. Our server came by and took our drinks orders and when she returned with drinks, she asked if we had questions and then took our food order. I had been told by others that the patties were thin style patties so I ordered a double double with bacon and grilled onions and a side of French fries and a little over five minutes later the following burger arrived at the table:

The top of the bun had a sheen of grease and taking the top bun off revealed caramelized grilled onions, American cheese, a substantial amount of crispy fried bacon on top of two greasy thin-style grilled patties. The bun was slightly toasted and had absorbed some of the grease from the patties. Taking a bite, the gooey cheese contrasted with the crispy bacon, the sweetness of the grilled onions and salt and pepper that seasoned the patties. The buns held up well to the toppings and the bottom bun soaked in the juices from the patty which helped round out the flavors of the burger. The patties were cooked well done which is expected for this style of burger. The French fries were thick cut fries that were slightly crispy and unseasoned. Other options included tator tots and seasoned fries which might be a better option but everyone at the table ordered fries.

Overall Club Schmitz serves a great burger in a very cool atmosphere especially if you like a thin patty on your burger. The ingredients were fresh, the burger was hot and seasoned well, bacon was crisp and the bun held up the juices from the meat. I would definately recommend making the trip to Northwest Dallas to have a burger and beer at Club Schmitz.

Ratings (1-25):

Bun - 18, slighty toasted bun, held up well to the ingredients without crumbling or breaking

Meat - 22, well seasoned juicy thin patties, crispy bacon

Appearance - 21, nicely caramelized grilled onions, well melted cheese, glistening top bun

Taste - 22, great juicy burger, ingredients melded together with great beef and bacon flavor

Overall - 83

Bonus pics of sign out front and kitchen ticket:

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  1. Excellent burger today-I had the double/double plain & dry and it was anything but dry. Cheesy, greasy goodness on a nicely toasted bun. Fries won't win any awards but who cares-I'll get tots next time.

    The atmosphere is the cherry on top. Prompt service with no nonsense; Four tops with metal chairs and red vinyl benches scattered 'round; Stained ceiling tiles and wood paneling bear witness to Club Schmitz' 1947 vintage. It's dark enough inside that when the door opens and lets the light in, you almost feel as if you've been caught doing something wrong. But nothing could be more right. Just take cash 'cause the ATM fee is $2.25.

    See you again soon Club Schmitz.