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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Ye Ole Butcher Shop - May 26, 2010

This week's burger quest took our intrepid group to Historic Downtown Plano to visit Ye Ole Butcher Shop which is a combination meat market and burger restaurant. The shop is located in strip center in downtown Plano and the interior is decorated with pictures of the cattle industry, buffalo and elk mounts and meat hooks that appear to still be working. We waited in a short line before placing our order at the counter where enthusiastic men in cowboy hats asked us what we wanted for lunch. I ordered a bacon cheeseburger with a beef patty and cheddar cheese. Other options included buffalo meat, turkey meat and the special of the day was elk meat. I will have to go back to try the other meat options but I wanted to see how the beef would work before trying "exotic" offerings. Sides were a choice of tots and fries so we ordered both. We were given a number and our cups for our drinks. The kitchen was located behind the register and consisted of a flat top for the burgers, a deep fryer for the tots and fries and a box smoker for the bbq platters that are also offered at lunch. While we waited, we could hear the burgers sizzling on the flattop and the smells coming out of the kitchen teased us while we waited on our order. About ten minutes after ordering, our number was called and we paid for our order and picked up the following burger:

The first thing we noticed was the the bun had been griddled on both the top and inside to give it a nice shine and crunch. The bottom bun was topped with a substantial hand formed patty which was topped with melted cheddar cheese and four slices of Wright Brand Bacon. The bacon was not as crispy as I like but the amount provided was a welcome addition to the burger. Taking a bite, I was intrigued by a smoky flavor of the patty. I don't know if the patty picked up flavor from the smoker which was next to the flat top or if they used Liquid Smoke but there was a definite smoke flavor to the meat. The burger was cooked to medium well but was still juicy. Next time I would request medium but I am not sure if they cook all the burgers the same or if you can request a different temperature. Each bite of the burger was a good combination. The bun was buttered and crispy, the patty was seasoned nicely, the bacon was flavorful but could have have been a little crispier and the cheddar was melted perfectly and added a great flavor and texture to each bite. The fries and tots were cooked well but the flavor wasn't anything special.

Overall I was very impressed with the burger at Ye Ole Butcher Shop. The meat was fresh, the bacon was tasty and the griddled bun and cheddar cheese added to the overall package. You would expect a great burger at a butcher shop and this place came through. I look forward to trying the other varieties of meats the next time I make my way to downtown Plano.

Ratings (1-25):

Bun - 20, good flavor, held up well to patty, perfectly toasted

Meat - 21, fresh meat, great smoky flavor, nice amount of bacon

Appearance - 20, great looking package, meat had a little crust from the flattop

Taste - 21, a very good burger, tasty meat cheese and bacon

Overall - 82

Bonus pics of Tots and Fries:

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  1. This sounds very good, as does Smash Burger. I can't believe I haven't been to any of these great spots.
    I did have an In and Out Burger last week in Nevada.

  2. we eat there every Thursday for Buffalo Burger Day, definitely try the Buff, it's better than the beef, imo.

  3. I like the Elk and the Buffalo, but I don't find either improvement enough to justify the uptick in price. Still, worthwhile at least once.

    Love the fries, too. Thick, full of potato flavor, and for what you get, a bargain too.

  4. their buffalo meat is greatness. as are their steaks and briskets. believe its all farm direct, which is nice.