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Monday, September 28, 2009

The Grape - September 27, 2009

The Grape on Lower Greenville was voted by Texas Monthly as having the best burger in the state of Texas so yesterday, we made the quest to see how it tasted. Upon arriving at The Grape, we noticed that the place was packed with people enjoying Sunday morning brunch and most had ordered the burger. We were seated at our table and a few minutes later our server brought us menus and took our drink orders. I ordered the Grape Burger cooked medium rare which was served with fries. The burger is listed as being a 10oz patty with homemade peppered bacon, white cheddar and dijonaise on a toasted pain au lait bun.

About twenty minutes later our burgers were brought to the table. Unfortunately my camera batteries had died so I was unable to take pictures but it was a very good looking burger on the plate. The fresh were fresh and crisp, veggies which included lettuce, salt and peppered tomato slices, sliced purple onions and horseradish pickles. The bun was light and fluffy and well toasted.

I ate the vegetables first since I didn't want them on my burger and they were fresh and very tasty. The seasoned tomatoes were very and the highlight was the horseradish pickles. I think they probably would have overpowered the burger but they were great as a side. The dijonaise was on the bottom bun which was topped by the patty, white cheddar cheese and two thin slices of bacon. Taking my first bite of burger, the juices flowed out of the burger but unfortunately it was cooked well done and reminded me of meat loaf. The dijonaise and cheddar had a very good flavor as did the bun but the bacon and patty were somewhat lackluster. I think if the patty had been cooked less, it would have had more flavor but while juices were in every bite it just seemed dry.

Overall, I could see how the burger at The Grape would have been incredible before the Texas Monthly review but now there are two hour waits at lunch to try the burger, I think that it is hard to have an consistency.

Ratings (1-25):

Bun - 20, light fluffy bun, tasted great and held up to the juicy patty

Meat - 17, overcooked thick burger, could have used more seasoning, bacon was lackluster

Appearance - 21, great looking burger, fresh ingredients, juices from patty on plate

Taste - 17, fresh ingredients but overcooked patty tasted dry and unseasoned, bacon could have been crisper and more flavorful, bun was outstanding

Overall - 75
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