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Monday, September 7, 2009

Mighty Fine Burgers (Round Rock Texas) - September 6, 2009

Yesterday as I was diving down I-35 to Austin, I saw a billboard for Mighty Fine Burgers which boasted that they were one of the top 50 burgers in Texas as voted by Texas Monthly magazine. Since it was lunch time and I am always on the quest for a great burger, I took the next exit into a new strip center in Round Rock Texas, drove past the IKEA where I found Mighty Fine Burgers. As I walked in, I was quickly reminded of a carnival ride with the metal railing and yellow chains queuing people up towards the cash registers. As you wait in line, patrons have a chance to check out the menu above the registers. Mighty Fine has an extremely simple menu - burgers, hot dogs and shakes. They definately want to focus on burgers and their goal to get them right. To the left of the registers behind a glass window, a worker hand forms all the patties using "all natural" meat procured from local ranchers.

It was my turn to order and I ordered the Bacon Cheeseburger with mayo and onions and a side of crinkle cut fries. Behind the registers you could see the burgers being cooked on a flat top and other employees diligently putting the orders together which are written on white bags. After you place your order and pay, customers are encouraged to use the hand jacuzzi to the left. Placing your hands inside two sleeves a burst of water and sanitizer cleans them. It was a interesting take on a hand washing station and I'll admit it did feel good. Five minutes later my name was called and taking my white bag back to the table, the following was opened:

The mayo and onions were on the bottom bun under the patty and the cheese was placed on top of the patty with bacon crowning the burger. The 1/2 pound patty was cooked well done but at a fast food place, you rarely get anything different. Taking a bite, the harshness of the white onion was a little overpowering. A Texas 1015 onion or grilling the onions would have probably been a better option. The freshness of the meat came out in each bite and the cheese was nice and gooey but the bacon was a little lackluster. The bacon was thin slices and was not very crispy. There also could have been a little more on the burger since you didn't get a bacon bite in every bite of the burger. The buns were average burger buns that didn't detract from the burger but didn't add anything like the buns at Ozona or Jakes or Kellers. The crinkle fries are made fresh and fried in 100% peanut oil. I didn't get to see the machine but supposedly the Urschler family created it for the restaurant as they had several pictures of the family up on the walls. The fries were thin cut but crinkled and lightly dusted with Morton's sea salt. I thought they were really good and crispy.

Overall Mighty Fine Burgers ( was a good flavored burger with fresh meat and fries and if you are driving down I-35 towards Austin and craving a burger, it's worth a stop by the restaurant.

Ratings (Scale 1-25:)

Bun - 16, average burger bun, not much flavor, held up well to a 1/2 pound patty

Meat - 18, fresh meat, "all natural" and locally sourced, bacon could have been thicker and crispier

Appearance - 20, very good looking burger, cheese melted nicely on the patty, ingredients placed nicely on bun

Taste - 18, fresh flavors, not as juicy as other burgers, onions could have been less harsh

Overall - 72
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  1. I live in Round Rock and enjoy Mighty Fine. It is nice to get local, fresh beef, that has no hormones in it. Very rare for a fast food or otherwise restaurant.

    I just tried an 'fob' burger which stands for flat on bun. Mighty fine intentionally makes their burgers thick and with a small diameter. You end getting bun and no meat on the edges. The 'fob' solves this.

    Only problem is it takes around 15 minutes to cook.

  2. They use yellow onions, and can certainly grill them if you ask.