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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Gazeebo Burger - January 13, 2010

Yesterday's travels took us to the southwest corner of Preston Road and Royal Lane to Gazeebo Burger which has been serving burgers in Dallas for many years in this same location. The restaurant is very family friendly with tv's around the restaurant and video games in a back room behind the kitchen. They also have a covered outdoor eating area which is a nice place to eat on warmer clear days in Texas. Before you get to the counter to order, you walk past the condiment station which is full of fresh lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, onions, jalapenos mustard ketchup and mayo. I like the idea of being able to dress your burger to your liking. We placed our order at the counter and I ordered a 1/3 pound bacon cheeseburger with fries and a drink. About five minutes later the numbers for our table were called and I received the following burger:

The first thing I noticed was the jumbled heap of bacon with a single slice of American cheese somewhat melted across the bacon. The bun was slightly toasted and a smallish patty rested on top of the bottom bun. I was a little disappointed in the look of the burger but I put the top bun on the burger and took my first bite and all I tasted at first was the bun. The dry patty was cooked medium well and lightly seasoned with salt and pepper and the bacon added a crunch to the burger and had a good flavor but neither could break through the amount of bun. Maybe the better option would have been to order the half pound burger but normally a third pound burger is substantial enough. On a good note though, one person at our table ordered the turkey burger and said that it was very flavorful so that might be route to go.

Overall I was very disappointed with the burger at Gazeebo Burger. It was dry, not very flavorful and had way too much bun compared to the size of the patty. Also the cheese would have been much better melted directly on the patty. If I go back I will probably get one of the chicken sandwiches or one of their salads.

Ratings (1-25):

Bun - 16, bland very bready bun; too much bun for the small burger

Meat - 17, small patty with a little seasoning, bacon was crispy but not very flavorful

Appearance - 17, jumble of bacon and cheese on top of a small patty

Taste - 17, ok burger, not well seasoned, too much bread which overpowered the meat

Overall - 67
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