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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Tre Amici Steakhouse - January 7, 2010

We traveled up north on Tollway to Tre Amici Prime Steakhouse and Seafood to try their burger offering. Tre Amici just recently opened for lunch and the restaurant focuses on steaks and seafood with an Italian flair. At lunch the restaurant was open and well lit and the smells from the open kitchen hung in the air. The server brought us fresh baked dark bread while we looked over the menu which had a multitude of different steak and seafood options but we were there for the burger which was a half pound Kobe beef burger. I ordered the burger medium rare with cheddar cheese since Kobe beef is usually better when not cooked to a very high temperature. Normally the burger isn't served with bacon but if you ask, they will gladly add it to the burger. We sat back and enjoyed the bread and our drinks and about 10 minutes later, the following burger was brought to our table:

The bun was lightly toasted and shredded lettuce and tomato was placed on top of the bottom bun. The patty was covered with melted cheddar was place on top of the vegetables and then two thick slices of bacon were placed in an x shape across the top of the cheese. Crispy fries with a light coating of salt and herbs were served on the side. Taking my first bite, all of the juices exploded out of the burger covering the fries and table cloth. Fortunately the burger was still very juicy after that first bite. The beef was lightly seasoned with salt and pepper allowing the flavor of the beef to come out in every bite. The cheddar cheese was very mild and unassuming as was the bacon. The bun was somewhat dry and chewy but held up well to the extremely juicy patty.

Overall I thought that Tre Amici did a good burger in a high end setting. I like the flavor of Kobe beef but it is not something that works best in a burger presentation. The flavors of the burger were good and worked well together but I don't think I would make a special trip for this burger alone; however, I would try it again if I had other reasons to visit the restaurant.

Ratings (1-25):

Bun - 17, dry somewhat chewy bun that was thick enough to hold the juicy patty

Meat - 18, extremely juicy patty cooked well and seasoned with salt and pepper, bacon could have been thicker and more flavorful

Appearance - 18, fresh ingredients cooked well, cheese melted perfectly on top of patty

Taste - 19, lightly seasoned patty, cheese and bacon didn't add much to the overall burger

Overall - 72
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