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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Strokers Ice House - October 20, 2010

After not being able to quest for burgers for the past two weeks due to crazy times at work, our intrepid group decided to head to Strokers Ice House to try one of Ma's famous burgers. We walked into a sparsely populated dark bar and after reviewing the menu full of typical bar food such as burgers, hot dogs, jalapeno poppers, grilled cheese sandwiches and Frito pies, I placed my order for a double bacon cheeseburger and iced tea which came with a side of potato salad and chips for $12.50. The cashier took our name and we could smell our burgers being cooked as we paid for our orders. About seven minutes later the following burger was brought to the table:

The first thing I noticed was the grill marks on top of the lightly toasted and buttered hamburger bun and the melting American cheese spilling off each side of the burger. The patties appeared to be preformed quarter pound patties and each was covered with a slice of American cheese. Five pieces of bacon which still had sizzling grease on several of the pieces were then placed on top of the burger. Taking a bite, I was met with a very smoky flavor from the hamburger patties. At first I thought it was from cooking the patties over open flame but as I continued to eat the burger, I seem to think that Liquid Smoke had been used on the burgers as the smoke flavor overwhelmed the greasy burger at times. The patties were cooked well done and were lightly seasoned with salt and pepper. I would have liked to have seen a hand formed patty but the burger still turned out greasy and flavorful. The American cheese melted well throughout the burger and was present in every bite from start to finish. The bacon was crispy and hot and was worth spending an extra $1.50 especially with the amount placed on top of the burger. Finally, the hamburger bun help up well to the greasy burger served at Strokers Ice House and the toasting gave a nice crunch to each bite taken of the burger.

Overall, I thought that Strokers Ice House served a decent burger. It was greasy and seasoned well and definitely fit the feel and vibe of Strokers. If Liquid Smoke was used in the cooking process, I would want less to be used in the future which would let the other flavors of the burger shine more. I also wish that Strokers had a deep fryer. While chips and mustard potato salad are fine sides, an order of fries or onion rings would go great with a Strokers burger and an ice cold beer.

Ratings (1-25:)

Bun - 18, nicely toasted bun, buttered on top and held up to greasy patties

Meat - 18, patties grilled over open flame, lightly seasoned, slightly too much smoke flavor, bacon was cooked fresh, would have liked to have seen hand formed patties

Appearance - 20, gooey mess of meat cheese and burger, nice touch with grill marks on top of toasted bun

Taste - 18, good burger, great bacon and bun, cheese in every bite

Overall - 74

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  1. Not really known for their burgers, but I would like to get your thoughts on the Razoo's Cheeseboiger. We have a group of us at work that rank misc. items and the Razoos burger finished in our top 5, along with Snuffers, Jakes and Mooya.