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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Razzoo's Cajun Cafe - November 1, 2010

While not the first place I would think of to try a burger, this week's burger quest took us to Razzoo's Cajun Cafe on Central Expressway and Spring Valley Road. Razzoo's menu focuses on their take on Cajun dishes such as etoufee, shrimp Creole, jambalaya and a variety of appetizers such as fried pickles, fried gator tail and their specialty Rat Toes - fried jalapeno's stuffed with shrimp, crab and cheese. Our group arrived at Razzoo's and were promptly seated by the hostess at a booth. We ordered our drinks and after our server brought iced tea to us, I placed an order for the Big Easy Cheesboiger cooked medium with the bbq sauce served on the side. All burgers are served with cheese and bacon and come with a side of fries. The total bill came to $10.91 before gratuity. After a short wait which was spent watching highlights of the NFL games from the day before on the small tv at every booth, the following burger was brought to the table:

The crispy buttered bottom bun was topped with a half pound patty which was top with a blend of Cheddar and Monterrey Jack Cheese and two thin slices of bacon. If barbecue sauce was ordered on the burger, Razzoo's thinly layers it between the cheese and patty. The burger was then topped with the top bun which had also been flattened, buttered and toasted very crisp. Taking my first bite, there was a nice crunch from the toasted buns and I noticed a slight Cajun spice flavor to the patty. The blend of cheeses added a nice flavor to each bite of the burger while the bacon could have been thicker and crispier. The bacon had a good flavor but the slices were a little thin and undercooked. The patty was seasoned with a blend of salt, pepper and some Cajun seasoning but it appeared to be a preformed patty which I would expect since the majority of diners are visiting Razzoo's for seafood. The patty was cooked to a slight pink color in the middle and stayed juicy in every bite. Another one of our group ordered his patty medium-rare and it was also cooked perfectly and I would probably order mine medium-rare on a subsequent visit. The fries were skin-on thick cut fries that were cooked slightly crispy and then dusted with Cajun seasoning. I would have preferred them to be cooked a little longer but they complimented the burger. Also mixed in with the fries were three hush puppies which were perfectly cooked and had a sweet spicy flavor. I would have been perfectly happy with the burger being served with just hush puppies. Finally the bun was a typical hamburger bun but by heavily buttering it and toasted it very crispy, it gave a nice flavor and crunch to every bite of the burger. Maple and Motor uses almost as much butter on their buns but Razzoo's took it to the next level.

Overall, I thought that Razzoo's made a good burger. The flavors melded nicely in each bite and I really like the buttery crispy bun which held up through the whole time I was eating the burger. I would have liked to see Razzoo's make their own patties in house but I know it is not feasible when you a restaurant doesn't focus on burgers. If are visiting Razzoo's and are allergic to seafood or not in the mood for Cajun food, the burger is a good alternative.

Ratings (1-25:)

Bun - 19, buttered toasted; held up well while eating burger

Meat - 19, good flavors in the meat, bacon was good quality

Appearance - 19, nicely melted cheese on top of patty, nice grill marks on patty, golden bun was pretty

Taste - 19, decent burger, well cooked, just didn't have the wow factor a great burger gives

Overall - 76
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  1. Thanks for the fast response to the Razoo's request. The pictures are making me hungry !! Look forward to your next review.

  2. If you ever venture out Mesquite-way, I highly recommend Bacon & Friends. The prices are hardly more than fast food, yet they put the high-end joints to shame. I'd even put their burger up against something like Maple & Motor.

    Here's their Urbanspoon page: