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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Another Broken Egg Cafe - November 18, 2010

Another Broken Egg Cafe recently opened its second location in Dallas on Greenville Avenue just north of Lovers Lane. Another Broken Egg is open for breakfast and lunch and features a variety of breakfast items, sandwiches, soups and burgers on their menu. Our group arrived shortly after noon and patrons were scattered at tables around the restaurant. We were promptly seated by our friendly server who returned a few moments later with our drink orders. I ordered the Bacon and Cheddar Burger with grilled onions cooked medium. All burgers are served with a pickle spear and country potatoes. After a short wait, the following burger was placed in front of me:

A hand formed patty sat on top of crispy golden bun and was topped with bacon, melted cheddar cheese and lightly grilled onions. The grilled onions has a light caramel color on them and were still crisp in each bite. Taking my first bite, I tasted fresh ground beef that was lightly seasoned intertwined with the smokiness of the bacon and the cheddar cheese. The onions really didn't add much flavor to the burger. If they had been cooked longer, their sweetness would have come through more. The patty was cooked to a perfect medium and stayed juicy until the last bite. It was lightly seasoned with salt and pepper and had a nice crunch from being cooked on the flattop. The bacon was cut into thick slices and was very crispy and hot on the burger. The bun was very buttery and had been cooked extra crispy. It reminded of buttered french bread you eat at Italian restaurants. It was a different style of bun but it worked for the burger and added a different layer to the flavor profile with the buttery crispy bun. Finally, the country potatoes were good but didn't seem to go as well with the burger as tots or fries would have. They were cooked crispy and were tasty lightly salted and peppered but I like country potatoes with my scrambled eggs not my burger.

Overall, I thought that Another Broken Egg cooked a good burger using fresh ingredients and a crispy buttered bun. I would have liked the onions to be caramelized more but they did add flavor to each bite. If you aren't craving fries and aren't interested in breakfast fare, Another Broken Egg Cafe served a good burger at a reasonable price.

Ratings (1-25):

Bun - 20, crispy buttered bun, held up well while eating burger

Meat - 19, handformed patty, nice crust from flattop, good seasoning, crispy bacon

Appearance - 20, nice looking patty, cheese melted nicely, golden toasted bun

Taste - 20, well seasoned, tasty burger

Overall - 79

Bonus Picture of Hamburger:

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