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Friday, December 10, 2010

Nosh Euro Bistro - December 7, 2010

It has been a busy time with work so the burger questing has unfortunately been taking a back seat lately but on December 7, we were able to visit Avner Samuel's newest restaurant, Nosh Euro Bistro which is on Oak Lawn Avenue. Nosh is a very open restaurant featuring lots of light, warm colors, open kitchen and a large flat screen television which gives patrons a better view of the food being cooked. Our group was seated by a pleasant server who went over the features of the day and asked us for our drink orders. Unfortunately Nosh only serves bottled ice tea which I found strange so I stuck with reliable Dallas tap water. When the server returned with our drinks, I ordered the Nosh Stacked Kobe Burger which featured a 1/2 pound of house ground Waygu, a blend of cheddar cheeses and fries for $14. While we waiting for our main courses, we tried the Spiced Beef Cigars and Crushed Avocado Crostini. The cigars were perfectly cooked but their delicate flavor was overpowered by the pear chutney served on the side. According to the menu on their website, it looks like they might be serving the cigars with a lighter sauce now. I really enjoyed the Crostini - The crushed avocado was lightly seasoned and then topped with a nice amount of Spanish Chorizo, olive oil and sea salt. I could snack on those all day long as the fattiness of the avocado was nicely offset by the spice of the chorizo. After we were done for our small plates, the following burger was placed on the table:

The thick patty was placed on top of a well toasted sesame seed bun and was the patty was then topped with a blend of melted white and yellow cheddar cheese. The burger was then finished off with an average blend of iceberg lettuce, tomatoes and thinly sliced pickles. I removed the salad blend, took my first bite of the burger and tasted a lightly seasoned but somewhat dry burger. You could taste the flavor of the Waygu but overall it just didn't taste like a burger. It reminded me a lot of a chopped steak plate but in burger form. The cheddar cheeses had a great flavor and were melted nicely over the patty. I am not sure if the bun was made in house but it was toasted perfectly, had a good flavor and texture and did not overpower the rest of the burger. Finally the french fries were my favorite part of the whole burger. They were crispy thin-style fries that was seasoned with salt and fresh herbs and I enjoyed dipping them in the remoulade sauce served with the burger.

Overall I thought the Nosh Euro Bistro prepared a decent burger but when I return in the future, I think I will stick with the other offerings. The small plates that we had were great and I tried a little bite of the other main entrees and they were wonderful. If you are craving a upscale burger when you visit, then its worth trying but I think you'd enjoy Avner's other offerings on the menu at Nosh better.

Ratings (1-25):

Bun - 19, nicely toasted, liked the sesame seeds

Meat - 19, high quality meat, just not enough burger flavor

Appearance - 20, very pretty presentation of burger and fries

Taste - 18, decent upscale burger, fresh meat used in patty

Overall - 76

Bonus Pic of Crushed Avocado Crostini:

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