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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Jakes (Lake Highlands) - August 27, 2009

Today the group headed over to Lake Highlands to try out the burgers at Jake's Hamburgers. Jakes has been serving burgers since 1985 and was recently nominated as one of the top 50 burgers in Texas by Texas Monthly magazine.

We arrived at 11:45 and stepped up to the register to order our food. Jake's has a large selection of burgers and sandwiches including an Atkins friendly bunless burger. For those wanting a beer with their food, Jakes has numerous draft beers, six packs, 12 packs and cases of cold beer. I ordered a bacon cheeseburger with mayo and onions and a side of tator tots. The cashier took my money and gave me back a receipt with a number on the top. I got my ice tea, sat down and about five minutes later my number was called. The burger was wrapped in wax paper and aluminum foil and served on a tray. After opening the foil I was treated to this:

The Jake's burger holds two thin patties served on a poppy seed bun. The onions were on the bottom bun and the bacon was placed on top of the cheese on the patties. Fortunately this week the burger was left intact instead of cut in half. Flavors were really good but I would have preferred that the onions be grilled similar to the past few burgers. The meat was seasoned well and cooked well done. I am not sure you could really do the thin patties anything but well done due to the cooking time. The tator tots did not disappoint - crispy chunks of potatoes that were lightly salted:

Overall, the Jakes burger was a very good fast food style burger. Great flavor, not too greasy, good layering of the cheese bacon, patties and buns. I prefer the Keller's burger a little more but I like the fact that you don't have to sit in your car to eat a Jake's burger.

Ratings (Scale 1-25):

Bun - 21, good flavor and poppy seed coated

Meat - 19, two thin well seasoned patties with crispy slices of bacon on top

Appearance - 19, cheese was nicely melted on the patties, bacon was crisp and plentiful, onions were fresh and colorful

Taste - 19, great tasting fast food style burger, tator tats were crispy and salty

Overall - 78

Bonus Pics of Jalapeno Bottle Caps:

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  1. I had the Texas Burger-double meat, double cheese with chili on the bottom and hickory (that's bbq) sauce on the top. This one had some heft to it, which for me is what separates it from Keller's. Of course it was $5.75 vs Keller's roughly $3 (neither's gonna break your bank.) So I put this a little above Keller's, though quite similar in terms of the thin, more done patties. I had the tots as well, but their fries, onion rings and bottle caps are all excellent. All in all a very fine meal.

    Medium Rare