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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Loon - August 12, 2009

Today's trek took our group to The Loon on Lemmon Avenue which normally is a dark smoked filled bar full of people looking to imbibe in the strongest drinks in Dallas. At lunch it is a completely different story - well lit and tables full of tea and water drinkers enjoying burgers, pizzas, salads and pasta dishes.

The chipper waitress took our drink orders and after bringing out our drinks, she took our ordered. Once again today's order was a bacon cheeseburger cooked medium. About 10 minutes later our order arrived the first thing I noticed was the burger was served with potato chips not fries. Not a killer but you would think with as substantial of a menu as the Loon has, it would have a deep fryer. Also the chips were somewhat lackluster - tasted like kettle chips you would get at most delis.

I promise to have a better camera next time so that I can show off all this wonderful food pr0n. You might not be able to tell from the picture but the first thing I noticed was no bacon. The mayonaise was on the top bun and a small amount of grilled onions were on the bottom bun and the burger was cut in half before plating. The first bite showed that it was probably a mistake to cut the burger as the patty had a very good flavor of salt pepper and maybe onion or garlic but was somewhat hard as if the juices had run out after cooking. The rest of the group noticed that as well. The bun was soft sesame seed bun that had not been toasted but held up well to the burger since it was not really juicy.

Overall it was an ok burger - nothing great but not really bad either. It had a decent flavor and was cooked perfectly but with the hard patty, no bacon and a side of chips instead of fries, I wouldn't put it as one of the top burgers in Dallas.

Ratings (Scale 1-25):

Bun - 17, typical Mrs Bairds style burger bun with sesame seeds

Meat - 16, good flavor of spices, perfect Medium but hard and not juicy, lack of bacon was a disappointment

Appearance - 18, burger looked good on the plate but would have been better not cut in half and served with fries

Taste - 17, overall a tasty burger but somewhat lacking in the complete package

Overall - 68

Bonus Pics of Cheeseburger fully Loaded:

Bonus Pic of Chili Cheeseburger:

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1 comment:

  1. Overall I agree with Rob's assessment.
    A few additional observations:

    It was actually still pretty dark in there.

    While I would have preferred fries, I liked the chips-some decent spices on 'em.

    Lots of tv's with sports of all sorts.

    I had the chili burger, which was ordered medium rare and not cut in half and, as a result, was a little softer, and pretty good.

    In addition to forgetting Rob's bacon, they also mis-added our total by $6 (to the high side.) This was quickly corrected when pointed out. Don't know if Rob was charged for his bacon...