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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Twisted Root Burger Company - October 21, 2009

Yesterday's burger adventure took the group to Deep Ellum to try Twisted Root Burger Company. Twisted Root has been in Dallas for several years and was started by three chefs who were trained at the Culinary Institute of America. The menu at Twisted Root consists of multiple burgers, hot dogs, shakes, sweet potato chips, french fries, onion rings, fried green beans and homemade root beer. Yesterday's root beer flavor was Caramel Apple Root Beer. Burgers come standard with beef but depending on availability you can also get buffalo, venison, alligator or lamb burgers. I ordered a bacon cheeseburger with onions sauteed in beer with a side of sweet potato chips. I paid for my order, filled up my drink with homemade root beer and got a sample of their homemade pickles which are on the counter for everyone to try. Twisted Root had a selection of Bourbon Bread and Butter Pickles, Spicy Pickles and regular Pickles. All three were very good and a great as an appetizer before the burger arrived. About ten minutes later, my name was called and I picked up the following burger at the counter:

The burger looked great on the plate with the bun buttered and toasted, cheddar melted nicely on the patty, slices of crispy bacon and thick slices of sauteed onions. Taking a bite of the burger, the flavors were good but really didn't meld together compeletely. The patty had a nice salt and pepper flavor and was somewhat juicy but the bacon didn't shine through like other burgers and the onions were somewhat bland. The cheddar cheese was a thick slice and was well melted on the patty. The bun held up well to the large patty and toppings and had a good flavor. The sweet potato chips were crispy and sweet. I didn't try the fries but they did look good.

Overall I thought Twisted Root had really fresh ingredients and a good tasting patty but the burger just didn't blend together like a great burger should. The separate parts were good but they didn't come together. I would like to try some of the specialty meats to see if they give a different flavor profile.

Ratings (1-25):

Bun - 19, buttered and toasted, held up to the thick patty, good flavor

Meat - 19, well seasoned patty, bacon could have been crispier but had good flavor

Appearance - 19, fresh ingredients, well melted cheese,

Taste - 19, nicely seasoned peppery burger but overall flavors could have blended better

Overall - 76
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  1. I had a bacon cheddar burger with jalapenos and wing sauce. I was so focused on getting that part right that the medium-rare part slipped my mind. My mistake. The burger was very good-not nearly as spicy as I'd expected-but unfortunately the standard doneness is "well." I think one mark of a serious burger joint is their standard (ie when the customer doesn't specify) for doneness. It really shouldn't be above medium to medium-well. (You know-like a good steakhouse.) For a well-done burger, I must say the patty was still juicy, which is impressive, but had I ordered correctly this would probably have been a top 4 burger for me. I definitely plan to give it another go with a little more "moo."


  2. To date, the peppercorn ranch bacon burger I had on my very first trip to TR in Ellum stands as the best burger I have ever had, a very close second is Hodad's in San diego, see Burger Club Pics!/photo.php?pid=5015452&fbid=421043432011&op=2&o=global&view=global&subj=140933192605307&id=507942011