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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wingfield's Burgers and Breakfast - October 28, 2009

Today's quest took us to Southern Dallas to Wingfield's Burgers and Breakfast which is located on Beckley Street near the Dallas Zoo. Wingfield's is a tiny restaurant with no seating inside or out so you either eat in your car or take your food to go. We walked in and saw the cooking area to the right of the register, ESPN on the tv to the left and the friendly cashier taking orders. Burgers come in three sizes single, double and triple and you can add bacon and cheese to your burgers. Side items include fries and onion rings. I went with a bacon cheeseburger with mayo with a side of fries. I paid for my order, was given my number and I sat back to wait for my burger to be cooked. About 10 minutes my number was called and I was handed a white paper bag that seemed to weigh a ton. We took our orders and drove down about two blocks to the Beckley/Saner Park where we opened the following paper wrapped fries and cheeseburger:

My first thought was that the burger was massive. Crispy bacon piled on top of a huge hand formed patty surrounded by two pressed and grilled buns. Taking my first bite, it was hard to get all the flavors together since the burger was so big. The patty was well seasoned and tasted fresh and the bacon was crispy and well cooked but you couldn't get all the flavors into one bite. All the patties are cooked under a press so there is no grease left in them at all and being cooked well done, it leave the burger was somewhat dry. I was able to press the burger down so that it was easier to eat but then the overabundance of mayo on the bottom bun overpowered the rest of the burger. I also didn't notice the cheese in any bite. I think that size of the patty completely overwhelmed any flavor of cheese. The highlight of the burger was the pressed and grilled bun. The bun became crispy on top and bottom and stood up well to the amount of meat and mayo placed on top of it. A bacon cheeseburger with fries and a drink cost $10.05 and could easily feed you for two meals. I couldn't imagine trying to eat a double or triple.

Overall I thought Wingfield's cooked a very good burger especially for the size of it and the price point. The patties were fresh and hand formed and the bacon was crisp and abundant. There could have been a little less mayo on the bottom bun and for a burger this big, several slices of cheese melted on top of the patty was needed. I also would have liked the patty to have been pressed and cooked a little shorter time to keep some of the juices in and not dry it out as much. If I am visiting the Dallas Zoo or in the are, I will be going back to Wingfield's but I am not sure if it a place that will keep me coming back just for the burger.

Ratings (1-25):

Bun - 22, crispy bun cooked on the grill, held the burger together well

Meat - 19, overabundance of crispy bacon and well seasoned patty but overcooked and somewhat dry

Appearance - 20, meat meat and more meat, fresh ingredients, irregular shaped patty showing off that it was handformed

Taste - 19, somewhat dry, too much mayo not enough cheese flavor

Overall - 80

Bonus pics of grill area and burger fully dressed:

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  1. Good review-biggest burger I've eaten. Love the size, the amount of bacon but gotta have SOME pink in it. Also love the hand-formed patty and complete lack of pretense of the place. Great atmosphere-especially for a place you can't eat at. Too far to be a regular stop, but I'll be back when in the area (at the zoo or on the way to Waco for a BU game) just to impress/amaze whoever I'm with.


  2. Grew up on this burger so a bit biased. Ate my first complete single at 11 years old. I think the reviewer might have had a bad experience as the burger is usually considerably greasy/juicy.I have eaten a wide array of burgers and apart from the ones my dad smokes on the grill these are the BEST. The fries take away from the experience as they are store bought. However the fresh lemonade is on par with the burger. I travel from North Dallas/Addison area to experience Wingfields when I visit family in Dallas. In sum: perfect seasoning, crisp bun, quality meat in large proportion makes for a wonderful burger.